Shinobu Kocho: Who is she? The Demon Slayer’s Most Underrated Character

Shinobu Kocho is without a doubt one of the most beloved Demon Slayer characters. Shinobu Kocho has many interesting facts that you may not have known about her.

Who is Shinobu Kocho

We all know her as Insect Hashira, a Demon Slayer from the Demon Slayer Corps. There is much more to her story that is worth mentioning.

Kanae Kocho’s younger sister Shinobu Kocho and Kanao Tosuyuri is Kanao Kocho’s adopted sister. Shinobu and her sister were almost killed by a demon when Shinobu decided to join Demon Slayer Corps in order to prevent others from suffering the same fate.

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She was always friendly and supportive of her fellow comrades, even when faced with adversity. Her personality is different from others. These facts will help you to appreciate her personality more:

1. She Invented Insect Breathing for a Reason

Shinobu Kocho developed the insect breathing technique in order to make up for her weakness in cutting off the head of a demon. She is the only person who can master this technique, which requires a unique katana with an unusual tip that looks and functions like an insect sting. This is why she is called Insect Hashiraia.

2. Her Killing Methods Are A Bit Unusual

Shinobu is not like the other powerful characters in Demon Slayer and does not use the demon’s head as a weapon to defeat them. Shinobu injects the demon using the tip of her sword.

3. She has the Wisteria Poison in Her

Shinobu has altered her body to include a certain amount of wisteria poison in order to help her defeat the Upper-Rank Demons. She was able to absorb extremely concentrated poison over the course of one year. It had merged with her blood and cell structure, as well as her internal organs and her nails.

4. She is a Doctor

She is not only a skilled fighter but also an expert in medicine. She can provide treatment for anyone who has been affected by demons. She can create any medication based on demon-related injuries. Her remedy is an antidote that heals poisoned injuries.

Her antidote helped Zenitsu after he was bitten in the leg by Poison, the spider demon. Later, she took care of them at the hospital and helped them recover.

5. She is sweet and charming

Shinobu Kocho is a happy personality. No matter the situation, Shinobu Kocho always smiles. Her pleasant disposition has been exposed as a trick, as evidenced by her proclivity to joke with people and even becoming sadistic. There is a side to her personality. Because of the things they did to her, she is not sympathetic to demons.

6. She is a rescuer

Shinobu first saw Kanao Tsuyuri as a pale-skinned little girl. Because she was starving, her parents sold her to a man. Shinobu and Shinobu’s sister saved her from the evil man and kept her safe.

Shinobu kept her safe and allowed her to be happy. She taught her later how to fight demons. She made her a professional fighter, and she even won the test for demon slayer corps.

7. She is strong and real

The Demon Slayer Butterfly girl is also known for being a great swordsman. She is actually one of Hashira’s most powerful women. She does not cut off demon heads, but instead injects fatal poison with the needle end that is soaked in venom. Shinobu can run quickly. Demons often underestimate Shinobu because she is a woman.

On the contrary, she makes them regret their mistake. She flies around like a butterfly and is utterly invulnerable to monsters. She is quick and can slay demons because of her quickness. She has been able to show her speed in several fights, including against Doma and the lady of spider clan.

8. She secretly hates Demons

Shinobu’s calm and sweet demeanor are just facades. Due to the deaths of her younger sister, her parents, almost all her Tsuguko and the families of her Butterfly Mansion apprenticeships, Shinobu has developed a deep hatred of demons.

She is in a constant state of hatred that is almost unbearable. This was evident during her conversation with Tanjiro Kamado. She was unable to live the life her sister planned. Instead, she devoted her energie to killing demons.

9. Unique Katana from Her

Shinobu Kocho’s Katana is a great asset. It is a small, black blade with a normal width at the base and tip. It also has the Kanji inscription “EVIL DEMONS” on its blade. Even minor injuries can cause death. Her sword’s butterfly-shaped tsuba has an orange border around its silver filling. It also has flower motifs.

10. Amazing Speed and Reflexes

Shinobu is a speedy and agile woman who can outrun and outrun evil spirits and attack them quickly before they even notice. Shinobu’s speed is amazing to the point that she seems to be able to move around magically on a daily basis. Doma was surprised by Shinobu’s barbarian speed. She out-performed the Upper-Rank several times during battle.

This unleashed a barrage that Doma couldn’t completely block or evade. He eventually admitted that Shinobu is one of the fastest Hashiras he had ever met. Even though she was in danger, her speed meant that Doma could not enlist and only barely opposed Shinobu. After Doma had severely injured her, she acted so quickly that she was able to disassemble a scaffold.

The butterfly demon slayer is strong, kind and fierce. It should be appreciated!